Saturday, February 24, 2007

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As Life moves forward, memories fade away into oblivion ... and everything you once cherished and held close to your heart are lost forever in the deepest chasms of your brain. You will need the equivalent of bread crumbs to track back and tie the intangible to the tangible to relish those moments once again. And I'm hoping this message archive will make some of that digging easy for me when I am too senile to recall . Lets start with archiving my Orkut profile messages and I intent to archive anything and everything over time. Seems like stupidity right now...but you never know, especially when it involves me!
Fiesta Bowl : What a game it was.
Broncos win in OT 43-42 with a gutsy 2 point conversion. College Football cries playoff..playoff..
Final Potter book's title is out ..called..'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'
.... and we are going to Glendale to play Ohio State ( Go Gators !! )
Sorry Michigan, but you had your shot !!
With USC losing, you got to be retarded to leave out the Gators from the Championship Game.
(SEC Championship) Gators top Hogs : 38-28
Gators down Seminoles : 21 -14
Gators rip West Carolina : 62-0
Man this game was soooo close, I was going to cry... Gators escape the "Ol' Ball Coach" : 17-16
Gators survive Vandy : 25-19 ( Headed for the SEC Championship Game )
Gators take care of cocktail party business : 21-14 ( ... and USC goes down )
Error-prone Gators go down at Auburn : [17-27]
LSU Tigers are Gator meat : 23-10
Sweet revenge over the tide : 28-13
20th straight over Kentucky : 26-7
Gators swamp Volunteers with late comeback : 21-20
Gators vs UCF : 42-0
Gators vs Southern Mississippi : 34-7

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