Sunday, August 26, 2007

July 4 Roap Trip

I am a long drive freak - Big Time. Going places is something that really excites me and if its a road trip, helluva lot better. Be driver or passenger, I am always ready to hop on.

So when plans for this July 4th were up in the air we decided to take 2 days off before or after and cover the Midwestern US.

After a lot of brain storming, this is how the trip was like. The best part is the trip is a LOOP.

As I already said, I LOVE road trips and here are the Top 5 by distance not counting the one I just had. Any place I stopped as part of site-seeing or visiting friends is mentioned. If I made berth just to rest, its not in there.

Dallas,TX - Colorado Springs, CO - Denver, CO - Dallas, TX
1,677 mi – About 1 day 3 hours

Dallas, TX - Cleveland, OH
1,181 mi – About 18 hours 11 mins

Dallas,TX - Memphis,TN - Nashville, TN - Greensboro, NC
1,127 mi – About 17 hours 19 mins

Phoenix,AZ - Las Vegas, NV - Grand Canyon, AZ - Phoenix, AZ
805 mi – About 13 hours 28 mins

Cleveland,OH - Louisville,KY - Cleveland,OH
697 mi – About 11 hours 14 mins

I have done so many other 300-600 mile trips, I cannot even start counting. I intend to undertake many more of these as time goes by.

Before I take leave, I should say Cloud Gate-Chicago , F1 Race Track-Indianapolis and Elevator System in the Gateway arch-St Louis were really marvelous and deserve a special mention.

Must See !

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