Sunday, April 29, 2007

Firefox is recommended browser

Videohybrid displays this message when you visit them on a browser other than Firefox. I have come across numerous websites that are the other way around. Never have I seen anyone put up a banner like this in support of Firefox. Amazing!

If you have ever read my previous posts, you know I am a big Firefox fanatic. There is so much value added stuff in Firefox that is glaringly absent in IE7. But If you are using IE7, this Find As You Type extension is a MUST HAVE and takes a lot of the pain off your surfing experience.

My browser right now is Grand Paradiso Alpha 1. Contributing my 2 cents to the Firefox community with user testing and crash reporting.

If you are wondering what Videohybrid is, it is one of those next generation video aggregators that make it easy to find you favorite shows, movies. It is illegal though as it streams videos from other websites that house illegal content like dailymotion. A post on techcrunch made it highly visible and brought with it unprecedented load and traffic that has seen the site go down more than once.

The point here is, I am happy to see such a banner, but would truly love to see a day where all browsers follow and implement common standards. Well, Thats still a long way away, made even harder by IE's majority share and Microsoft's own way of doing things.

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