Friday, May 11, 2007

Spidey spins his web again

gatorIndex: 3.5/5.0

Spidey-3 has officially(finally) arrived, shattering an assortment of records on its way to worldwide box office dominance.

But was the movie really that good Or did the success of spidey-2 make fans(like me) flock theaters in anticipation of yet another fantastic flick from Sam Raimi's stable.

Well if my opinion counts, the movie was not half as good as the second installment. And the ratings say critics agree too. It has a lowly 61% on RottenTomatoes and a B- on yahoo movies. Seems like I am not alone here.

My initial intention was to go watch the premiere show as I did for Spidey-2. Alas! sold out at AMC Mayfield, when I checked the Tuesday before release. So I advanced booked myself a Friday night 10:15 @ Fandango and eagerly awaited the weekend. BTW the premiere show for spidey-2 two yrs ago was a sell-out too. Back then, having arrived at the theater a little too late, I found myself staring at an unbelievably big screen. Proximity perhaps, first row to be precise. I mean honestly, who would expect such huge crowds for a Thurs night 11:59 show. I had to move my head around to capture all the action. In the end, well worth every penny.

The 10:15 show this time wasn't exactly a sell out. I could still see considerable empty seats from the view above.

After 2.5 hrs, I walked out the theater with a eerie feeling...did not enjoy the movie as much as I would have wanted to. Sammy as I see it, tried to cover too much ground, too little character development, lack of smooth flow in story, cheesy fan cheering and bash parties, convenient insertions(the kiss,butler). I think the kiss scene was inserted to just precipitate things a little faster, so that more of something else could be covered. Bad choice sammy!

Still the movie wasn't really that bad. Just that, the expectations were so high, It could not deliver at that level. This is one of those movies that I would have watched nevertheless. Giving credit where credit's due, the special effects were amazing.

Lot of sequels coming out this summer and these make my must watch list : Shrek the Third, Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End, The Bourne Ultimatum, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Watch out for these this summer!

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